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Burlington engineers exceptional, easy-care, liquid and stain repellency options for both worsted and synthetic applications.

Repellency Durepel? Plus

Durable Repellency

A unique water and stain repellent finish with exceptional durability and maximum protection, even after repeated washings.

Water + Stain Repellent


Soft + Comfortable


Repellency Durepel? Eco

Conscious Repellency

A highly durable, environmentally engineered finish that provides water repellency free of fluorocarbon compounds.

Durepel Eco

Flourine Free

Durable + Breathable

Comfortable + Odorless

Eco-Friendly Repellency

Repellency Invisible Barrier?

Repellency for Worsteds

A revolutionary combination of technologies that raises the bar for liquid and stain repellency for fine worsted wool and synthetic garments.

Repellency Raepel?

Repellency for Uniform

Liquid and stain repellency engineered for the uniform market to be durable to both dry-cleaning and home-laundry.

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